Getting Help with ntop...

Please understand that ntop is open source software, and that all help is self-help, that is provided by other users to the best of their interest and ability.

The primary source of help are the ntop mailing lists. There are two, ntop (users) and ntop-dev (coding). Anybody can read the message archives, but only members can post messages.

  ntop ntop-dev Hosted at
The official mailing list sites are: here here University of Pisa (Italy) logo mailing list archives at: ntop ntop-dev  
You may also view mailing list archives
(from 20Nov2002) at gmane, where they are named gmane.linux.ntop.xxxxx:
general devel Gmane

Please note that the mail lists are not indexed. However, they are spidered by search engines and you can sometimes find the message you're looking for via a google search: " xxxxx" . gmane has a search engine, at Please note that this search doesn't look inside attachments and doesn't alway have older messages indexed.


As part of the source distribution, an 'ntop FAQ' is in the docs directory. An automated (and therefore not terribly well formatted) version from the source used to create this ntop installation is available here.

Other places to look...

These tend to be complex sites, so you might want to open in a new window...

Downloads SourceForge SourceForge Logo

For commercial support of ntop, see these sites: world-wide or US.

And, of course, ntop's Home Page is at